Polo game talks: Pokemon dream game

Pokken Tournament is coming to the Wii U in 2016, and that is one step closer to what I wanted from a Pokemon game back in the early 2000s. So let’s discuss that for a second and decide what a Pokemon dream game would look like.

Pokken Tournament is an arcade fighting game that currently have nine characters. Fighting is the closest thing to a Pokemon battle from the Anime, so the game is what kids wanted from a Pokemon game back then. Not that anything is wrong with the Turn-based RPG mechanic that started the series because I still love that mechanic.

For me I would like to see a 3D first generation Pokemon game set in the region of Kanto with 8 GYMs and then the elite four to make your way to being the Pokemon champion. Including 3D models of 151 Pokemon. The game would start as a normal first generation game, you get your starter Pokemon and start with your first battle. Here I want to see two options, I like the turn-based battle system so I want to have the choice of having that, but the difference here that the characters will still be in their 3D models. And the second option to be a Pokken Tournament Fighting game style battles. At first, you’ll only have your basic attacks (Scratch, Pound etc.) and by the time you level up you’ll learn new moves, or teach your Pokemon moves by using TMs.

I also want to have more Pokemon trainers to fight with and many random side quests like going to one town to bring a shopping item back, or even random battles to improve your dominance.

Alongside that, I think online will be the most unique thing to the game, even if I don’t like online gaming, I can’t deny the benefits it could have to my dream Pokemon game. An MMO with a limit of 5 to 32 players in one session that you could meet during your main story advancing mission and could fight as another Pokemon trainer. I can just imagine me and 4 of my friends starting an adventure together and playing at the same time to then fight each other and see who the true champion is. Plus a mode that you can just go and fight other players without necessarily having to facing them in the open world would be cool too. Another mode can be that you’re the GYM master and facing off other players and try keeping you record of being unbeatable in your game.

The idea of a full 3D Skyrim like but cartoonish looking Pokemon game is what we imagined and wanted for years. We might have that man years later, but I don’t think I would get my game with the original 151 Pokemon in them.


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