Polo game talks: Super Mario Maker on Wii U

Today I want to talk about Super Mario Maker, I’m personally really excited about it despite not owning a Nintendo Wii U. Let’s start by describing the game if you haven’t been keeping up with it, then get to a few reasons I think it will be an amazing game.

Super Mario Maker is as the name suggests, a Super Mario level maker for the Wii U coming out on 11-SEP-2015. It let you switch between the graphics of four Mario games (Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World and the New Super Mario Bros.) and let you share your level online for everyone to enjoy.

If you stop and think about that for a second, you can know why this is an exciting idea, so let me share some of the things I’m excited for.

  • 100 pre-built levels:

As suggested by news, Nintendo is shipping the game with 100 pre-built level. Which is more than any Super Mario game that came before. So if you’re not excited about the levels you can download, you can have a pretty heavy content game from Nintendo.

  • Four full games in one (many more counting that you can change the graphics):

Don’t you think having assets of the four games won’t let someone build the originals games again inside of this? It seems obvious, so as for the start, you will already have the option to download the original levels of these games and play through them while swapping the aesthetics to whatever you want.

  • Crazy challenges levels made by the community:

This is the most amazing thing that can be done. Imagine how many crazy challenges you would have to play through. Just looking for what reviewers have made so far, the possibilities are endless, and for each their own style. So you can expect all kind of stuff, underwater swimming challenges, beat the clock intense levels, Expert level of platforming and fighting waves of enemies before making it through to other areas. These are just what I could think of, I’m sure there are people far more creative than I ever get.

  • Unlicensed Mario games:

How many times have you looked into a Mario level as a kind and thought, oh what if this was her and this was here? Well, now you can design your own Mario game. These will be different than the crazy challenges as they will be straight normal Mario games that you can complete with fair amount of challenge. There was many unlicensed NES hack of Super Mario Bros or even SMB 3 during the NES era, so giving all these assets to people to use will result in amazing complete Mario experiences from start to finish. This is what you should be excited for if you like a fair and fun Mario game.

As I said earlier, these are some of the reason I think Mario Maker will be a huge benefit to gamers, and I’m sure somebody now is thinking of more creative things. And the best thing I haven’t mentioned before is that you can’t publish a level without finishing it yourself before, so that will make sure that the levels you download have been tested and won’t waste your time with unfair challenge. Nintendo must find a way to represents the best levels and best creators so the game will be a platform to show all the amazing work someone has done, and make sure that everyone is getting the best of the experience.


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