Childhood memories: My first handheld console, and Pokemon Yellow’s Elite four

Pokemon was a popular show in my childhood. It was the reason for getting my first handheld and Pokemon game ever, Pokemon Yellow Pikachu edition.

As I was obsessed with Pokemon and all the merchandise surrounding it. One day I came across a magazine,Titled “Pokwmon World” with Mewoth on the cover. I couldn’t stand not taking it. My father bought it for me and on our way home in the car I was flipping the pages looking at all the amazing art and pictures of the different Pokemon. Until I reached the middle of the magazine, and there was a poster on one side and a map on the other side. I waited until I reach home to take a better look at what I had.

Pokemon World magazine “Front Cover”

Let’s go through the content of the magazine. The first few pages had some news, Pokemon Puzzle league for the N64, Burger King plastic Pokemon cards and Mewoth’s Party. Flip these pages and you get a variety of Detailed Pokemon merchandise but with no way to purchase them. Some of the items includes: Pokemon monopoly board, Pokemon Plaster Moulding, Pokemon movies soundtracks, Sticker books and many more to name a few. I spent many hours looking and reading about these and dreaming of having them one day.

After these pages we get to see the games. Starting with 4 pages feature of Pokemon Snap on the N64, which I would still love to play for the first time. Another four pages explaining the basics of Pokemon Trading Cards on the Gameboy and then a two page feature of Pokemon Pinball on the Gameboy Color. I have spent equal amount of time reading all the text and looking at these pictures.

Now for the big reveal, the main feature of the magazine. A Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Yellow. A full 9 pages feature of exactly how to beat the game, describing each city, what you have to do and including a map of the whole thing. On the last page there was a table of all 50 TM’s with their names and where to find them, and of course the 5 HM’s. If I spent days looking at the previous pages, I have spent at least a month reading these pages again and again while asking my parents to get me a Gameboy Color. The poster had some Pokemon Art and a full map of Kanto on the other side.

First 2 pages of Pokemon Yellow walkthrough

After a very long time, I got my Gameboy color with a best of 2001 Multi-cart that contains a bunch of games. They were not good games but I was very happy with what I had. Until one night, after dinner my father hands me a plastic bag with a box inside. I took it and looked to find Pokemon yellow. It was the best gift ever. I started it immediately and fell in love with this game that would take hundreds of hours and many AA batteries to beat. All this was the beginning. And by that time I didn’t need the magazine to know what to do, since I memorized everything from reading it many many times. Having Pikachu from the start, catching all the useless Pokemon just because Gotta Catch’em all! Was an amazing memory.

However, not everything was happy with this game. One Friday morning while going with my parents to the barbershop to get a haircut. I was playing the game in the car all the way until there. But where was I in the game exactly? Getting ready to face the elite four. And for whoever not familiar with Pokemon games the elite four are the final battles you would have before becoming the Pokemon master, And you fight them in order not able to heal Pokemon in-between battles or save the game. So you can almost see how intense that would be. After many tries in the car, I would lose and start fighting them all over again. We reach the barbershop, got down from the car while still holding my GBC, and who would guess I beat the second elite, and while waiting for my turn in the barbershop, I have almost beaten the Third elite!! At that time, they were calling me to get a haircut, I was ignoring and got my mother annoyed at me while I’m saying “Just leave me now, I will finish this. I can’t save the game now or turn the GBC off”. But eventually, my mom wins and I have to go. I didn’t turn off the GBC, so I handed it over to my mom and told her not to touch anything. I wanted to continue after finishing getting a haircut. While that happens, all was in my mind was making a strategy of how to attack, I have figured out a way to last for three matches in a row and my mind was busy with making strategies. Finally, it’s time to get off the chair and get my Gameboy Color to continue my epic fight. I ask my mom to hand it back to me, and here is the shock, it was turned off!!! But why?? I was blaming my mom (Sorry mom), and was very mad about it and was about to cry because of that. But I think that the batteries just ran out of juice and it turned off. I was able to get over that fast enough so it wasn’t a big deal. I have fought the elite “four” and won the game later that day probably.

This is my story with my first handheld and my first Pokemon game. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize the copy of the game I had was a bootleg, and one day the save just corrupted and didn’t save well and I lost all my progress. And since then, the game doesn’t start anymore.


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