Polo game talks: Open world games becoming a problem

Back in the 2000s open world games where the best I can ask for. A big map that you can explore by your own, starting missions whenever you want and enjoying your time in the sandbox. Fast forward to now, almost all games are open world and it is getting under my skin. So let me start and tell you the reasons behind that.

  • Being a grownup with a full time job:

One of the most important reasons not to enjoy open world games is being an adult with job responsibilities. Having only 5 hours a day that you have to share it between playing games and actually getting something useful done is a hard task. Having to travel from point A to point B in an open map will take most of that time you’re putting to play the game. So if you’re aiming to play for 1 hour and 15 minutes, most of that time is gone between going to missions, failing the same mission more than once and travelling back to another mission. By the end of that hour, you have finished 2 missions.

  • Having a sandbox distracts from storytelling:

I have recently spent 25 hours in Far Cry 4 achieving 53% completion rate. I have beaten the game, done some side quests and such, but did I really enjoy the story? I don’t think so, I’m not sure if it’s just me but the open world nature of the game made me lose the taste of the story and just play the game because the gameplay is intriguing and didn’t focus on the story. As fun as that might be, I feel it’s taking away from the storytelling and distract your focus on that. Having a sandbox while telling a story might be hard to achieve. That is why I prefer set pieces if it’s a heavily story based game.

  • Having a backlog of games:

Keep in mind the limited time I have daily to play, and the 5 more games I want to play next. Even if I’m enjoying what I play and want to continue it, it will be hard to focus when my mind is on another game. This might be my reason to not focus on story as much as on gameplay. That is why I play indie games that are fun to play and don’t take much time to beat. However, I still want to enjoy AAA games as they meant to be from time to time.

These are three of the reason why I feel I’m being burnt out of open world games. And since almost everything is now, I feel like developer should start making other type of games before the whole market is saturated by that. Let me know in the comments if you agree or disagree, I would specially like to hear from younger generations.


4 thoughts on “Polo game talks: Open world games becoming a problem

  1. I’ve had very similar issues myself lately – I have a wife, a daughter, two dogs, a part-time job and I’m also going to school at the same time. I usually only play a couple hours in the evenings, and I like to feel like I actually made some progress in my time with a game, instead of just running around. That’s why I’m concerned about Metal Gear Solid V; I love the series to death and can’t wait to play it, but I fear it’ll be just a bit too big for me to properly enjoy in my current life situation.

    I recently got my first Platinum Trophy in Shovel Knight (yay me!) and liked the feeling of Trophy hunting. After finishing with Shovel Knight, I started looking for another game to start the hunt with, but every other game just seems so big; it feels like it’d take me forever with my “couple hours in the evening” pace to get a Platinum in most games. Even if they’re not exactly open world games, they tend to lean towards the excessive more often than not.

    Nice writing and a cool, current topic; I enjoyed it. Keep it up!

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    • First of all, Thank you very much glad you enjoyed the topic, and Good luck to you.

      I have the same feeling while playing indie games. I played Shovel knight while I was sick but still managed to enjoy every level of it, and it went fast. May I suggest Guacamelee if you haven’t played it yet. I like to go for Platforming and Shooter (Jamestown+ type of shooters) games. There is a sense of achievement while beating any level in those games.


      • Thanks for the recommendations. I do have Guacamelee, but it’s been a while since I played it so I’ve lost my place in it a bit – I’ll probably need to start over. I wish there were more Metroidvania games, they’d be just down my alley in general, and they’d be great for when you don’t want to (or can’t) spend days on end with a game.


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