Polo game talks & Childhood memories: Need for Speed

Need for Speed reboot is coming out in November 2015 and with that it brings back the most beloved aspect of the franchise to me. Customization is what introduced me to the series back in Underground 2 and that is what I want from the series. As seen from the trailers and gameplay footage, Need for Speed is going back to the PS2 era games as in inspiration for the reboot and this is exciting. I might not be exited for the multiplayer aspect of it, but my mind can change when I’m finally playing it on 3rd November 2015.

With 5 ways to play to become the ultimate icon, Need for Speed reminds me a lot of the original Most Wanted. Outlaw is all about cop chases and escaping, Style is about drifting and getting crazy on the road, Build is about enhancing your performance while having the most visual appeal, Speed is about winning and reaching the maximum your car can reach and finally, Crew my least anticipated style of playing but as mentioned I might change my mind.

Need for Speed reboot logo

Customization which is one of the reasons I started my love to the series is back. And from what I saw it seems as deep as it can get. Having many aftermarket parts to choose from and all the different ways you can drive your car, it all reminds me of the past entries in the franchise that I love. I would like to actually share some of that with you.

This article will be a mix between Polo game talks and Childhood memories, at the end its all about games.

My first entry to the series was playing Need for Speed II on my uncle’s PC. At the time while visiting my uncle’s house I found Need for Speed II. I don’t remember much about it other than having one race that I couldn’t finish and just played through that over and over again.

Need for Speed Underground 2 was the next game of the series that I played. I remember getting a demo disc for PC included in one of the PC magazines I used to have. We had a very basic PC and couldn’t run the game. So one weekend I tried it on my uncle’s PC and it worked. I remember the first time seeing the Green Nissan 350Z and driving it in an open map discovering the streets. But that was it, until I got my PS2 and had to get NFS UG2. And here starts my journey with the series.

My Need for Speed Underground 2 Demo disc dated February 2004
My Need for Speed Underground 2 Demo disc dated February 2004

Map and Races in Underground 2:

One of the most amazing things about NFS Underground 2 is the map. I have talked in my previous post about how open world games are becoming a problem to me now, but back then it was the best thing ever. You get your first car and drive it to the race start points, exploring the map and places, I can’t describe how special that was. Next thing, different type of races. It wasn’t just about sprint and circuit races, there was drift, drag, elimination and street racing an opponent was all new and amazing to me. Having this many variety kept the game fresh every time.

Cars and Customization in Underground 2:

The game included more than 30 cars, 3 which were SUVs. The list includes cars from Acura, Audi, Cadillac, Ford, Honda, Mitsubishi and many more. The Nissan 240SX was available from the start, so I always started with it since it was all balanced for a beginner. Customization is the big part of the game that was new to me. I have played Gran Turismo before but it didn’t have the street racers customization since it’s a simulator game. Each car is fully customizable from bumpers, spoiler, hood, wheels, headlight, taillight and side mirrors to name a few. You could select whatever combination you wanted to make your car unique and special. Being on a cover of a magazine was something very special to me, I hope it comes back in Need for Speed.

Most memorable moment of the game:

One day I was playing a drag race in the more advanced part of the game when it was nearly time to go to m extra night classes. I was frustrated by not being to beat it and didn’t want to attend the class. However, I left my PS2 open and went to that class while thinking about the game that whole time. When I came back I was able to beat it.

Need for Speed Most Wanted was next, starting you with a fully modified car then story develops and you get your car taken away from you, you start from the beginning racing the most wanted to become number 1 and get your car back. This was amazing, again it was something new. This time customization was different than Underground 2 but was still good. And the ability to pink slip your opponent car is something I always wanted to do just to get their special one of a king cars. This entry of the series was enjoyed by me and my friends, going to school and talking about the most wanted we had to race, and asking them how to beat that Aston Martin DB9 that caused me a lot of trouble are moments worth having.

I played Carbon and Pro Street next, I enjoyed them both. Pro Street was different in its own way. And that was my last in the series that I engage with. I played Undercover and I finished it in one setting and that was it for me, no more Need for Speed games. I have moved to Midnight club Los Angeles on the PS3 and I stopped playing racing games.

With Need for Speed coming back as the street racing game I loved and cared about, with the 5 modes I read about and from the trailers I have watched. This reboot is a well-deserved wait and I’m glad that it is happening. Ghost games and EA has my full support of this game and I hope it lives up to my expectations and be the Need for Speed game we all wanted.


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