Childhood memories: Resident Evil 3 Nemesis on the PlayStation

With Resident Evil 2 being announced for a remake by Capcom last month, it has been an exciting time for me. I have purchased Resident Evil 1 remake but haven’t had the time to play it yet. I have missed played both of these games, and in this story I will tell you why.

Resident Evil 3 is the first mature game that I got to play as a kid, it was released in 2000 when I was 9 years old. Rightfully so, the game was scary, I used to play with my brother, and mostly at night. I remember playing it on that 15” TV I owned while being so close from the screen, when suddenly Nemesis attacks. I can never forget.


This game is very special to my gaming passion, as it was the first game that I remember ever beating and remember playing through it more than once to see how good and fast can I beat it in. But that was because we were using a guide, a very special guide that was handwritten by my brother’s friend. I wish I still had those papers. I fondly remember my brother and I going through the game while reading what his friend wrote to us, and sometimes having difficulties reading the text because of the handwriting. I didn’t understand English back then, so I didn’t really understand the story fully, I would only understand what my brother used to translate to me. And that guide was all written in Arabic.

The first time a zombie jumps from the windows, the first time you encounter Nemesis with the choice to fight or run or the first time you see the dogs. All these moments were amazing scary fun moments that I got to live with my brother.

Gem door lock

Puzzles in this game where the most fun thing I remember, trying to find the items while fighting zombies to unlock other doors, or finding the gems to unlock the door, all these puzzles were fun. Not all of them though, there is one in particular that I’m not a fan of, and as far as I remember it is the last puzzle of the game before the final fight. That is the water quality puzzle thing, where you need to adjust them to look like the sample given. And I remember that in specific because it wasn’t matching with the guide we had, but we didn’t knew that it was random each time you play the game. So every time we reach that part is just a matter of trial and error until it solve itself. We didn’t understand how to use the red and yellow herbs, so I don’t think we have made any acid explosives which makes me wonder, how did we defeat Nemesis the second time?

Water quality puzzle

The game was featured in the Official UK PlayStation magazine #55 from February 2000, I remember trying to read the review with what little English I could understand and asking my brother to translate the words for me. The magazine also had Demo Disc 55 which includes Action Man: Mission Xtreme, and Micro Maniacs. You remember those days?

Official UK PlayStation issue 55 and the Demo disc

I have gone back to play Resident Evil 3 few years back on the PS3 and managed to beat it in few hour, and it is still the same as I remember it. Not many might like this particular sequel, but it has always been the first and special one for me and my brother.

I tried playing through RE1 & 2 back then but I didn’t get to play them fully, so remaking those games are the perfect opportunity for me to go back and play those classic. And let’s hope Resident Evil 3 Nemesis would get the remake treatment too, what do you think Capcom?


2 thoughts on “Childhood memories: Resident Evil 3 Nemesis on the PlayStation

  1. Nice blog I smiled reading this. although I played RE 1 and 2 this is the first one which I completed. I still have the “Stars” line stuck in my head when going through the door and getting chased around the police station. It was also the first game I can remember which gave you some different optios for your actions which has become massive with titles such as Heavy Rain. I loved the remake HD release and with 2 having been announced I assume we will be reunited with our old friend again!


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