Gaming news: PS2 emulation confirmed for PS4

Today, Sony has confirmed that it is bringing PS2 emulation to the PS4(via WIRED) after what Digital Foundry found out from testing the new Star Wars PS4 bundle which comes with four classic Star Wars titles, three of which are PS2 games. Digital Foundry found out that the PS4 is emulating the PS2 system and the PS2 memory cards to run those games which indicated that the emulation is happening on the PS2.

After the confirmation of the emulation coming there is no doubt that it is for bringing the PS1 and PS2 classics to the PSN store on the new-gen system, however, part of me wish if it is more than that.

The early models of the PlayStation 3 were able to run PS2 discs on the system but Sony decided to remove the feature in order to reduce the cost of the $600 system it was selling back then. PS1 backwards compatibility was and still is working on any PS3 model in addition to being able to purchase those games from PSN. Recently, Shuhei Yoshida President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide studios denied PS3 backwards compatibility coming to the PS4 but mentioned nothing about the PS2 and PS1.

Now, with the recent news of the emulation software existing in the PS4 system I hope that we would be able to play PS2 discs directly into our PS4’s in addition to the main use of it which will be bringing back PS2 Classics to the PlayStation store. I have all my old consoles connected to my TV at all time since I like going back to play the older games from time to time, so being able to easily play them on my PS4 it would be a convince for me and a motivation to go back and collect some PS2 games I haven’t played during that era.


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