2015 Games – Year Review

2015 was a slow year for me. Due to time constraints until Q3 of the year, I didn’t get to try out most of AAA games, In addition to that, I played some games that came out in 2014 and I missed. According to that I can not give a game of the year award, but I’m going to short review the 2015 games that I played this year.

1.The Order 1886 

The game came out at the end of February. It showed off what the PS4 can be able to achieve graphically, it had some pretty nice weapon designs. With my time constraints as mentioned, it hit a sweet spot for its length when I played it fully in a weekend. I enjoyed it pretty much for what it was and felt the want to go back and play through it again once more, maybe when I have nothing else to play. I have got the platinum trophy already since it took no effort at all.


The best exclusive of 2015, my game of this year. I have waited for a great exclusive to come since I got my PS4 in January 2014 and I was expecting The Order 1886 to be that game. But little did I know that Bloodborne will be that game. I was expecting a vacation on April so I had to get Bloodborne when it came and then I started it as soon as I started my vacation. At the start of the game I was suffering for around 4 hours in the first area before getting the hang of it and I was hooked that I spent 40 hours. Then I got to the blood moon when I gave up and had no time to spent on the game. After leaving the game for months, I came back at the start of December and I was super glad I did, I’m addicted to it, I went and played the chalice dungeons and got the old hunters DLC and I’m currently on the last boss but I’m waiting to get some trophies before fighting the boss.

The gameplay is addicting and let you feel accomplished after getting to know how to play the levels and coming back again knowing how to use the weapons. I would love to play a new game plus after finishing it to use a different set of weapons.

Playing through it the first time and seeing the whole world connected in one map was an impressive experience, that moment when I realized where in the world I was and how connected it was I was really really impressed. The Gothic dark style and the lack of music made for an eerie experience that made me fully immersed in it.

I can not stop myself from talking about this game, I have spent more than 90 hours so far in my first playthrough and that wouldn’t stop me anytime soon.

3.Need For Speed

I was happy when this game was announced, and with every screenshot and video it made me more excited. I have written about it before here.

When I first played it the first day I got it, I wanted to go back and play it whenever I was away and for the next day I was the same, but then suddenly I felt I wasn’t enjoying myself playing through it. The customization is good and everything but I didn’t feel engaged and haven’t finished it or played it more after that. Maybe I’m not interested anymore in arcade racers.

 4. Shovel Knight 

I love platformers, and shovel knight delivered it perfectly. Mixing more than one type of game in one with amazing pixel art and soundtrack it had to be one of the best indie games I played this year and the most enjoyable of them all.

 5.Rare Replay 

I have written about it before as being the best compilation ever, and I still stand by that, as it contains some of the most regarded games from Rare and I still has to finish some of these games. I’m holding it for the right time to go back to some of those games in the amazing library.

6. Dust: An Elysian Tail

One of the games that took me by surprise. One of the reasons I gave it a try was the art style, and after playing few minutes of it I found myself unable to let go of the game. It is a Metroid-Vania type of game where leveling up your character and getting new powers let you explore more area and fight new enemies. As I mentioned earlier, the art style is appealing and the levels in the game where different and fun to explore, the enemies felt different and most importantly, the character leveling up felt satisfying.

Honorable mentions goes to Rocket League, Life is Strange, Super Time Force Ultra, Race the Sun and Titan Souls.

I could probably go more in depth and mention more games but most of them are indies that I enjoyed for few hours as a mindless game. But a clear winner is Bloodborne for me, and I hope 2016 is bringing much more enjoyment and I’m excited to be play more of this year’s games.


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