Polo game talks: Hand of Fate, a unique card game

Hand of Fate is a year old game now, it was released on the 17th of February 2015 and was recently made free on Xbox One games with gold. The only thing I knew about the game is that it is a card game, I immediately thought Hearthstone type of card game. But I was pleasantly surprised when I first tried it.

Starting the game I was expecting a card game in the same vein as Hearthstone or Yu-Gi-Oh! I expected there to be monster cards, support cards and two players having a battle with their decks. I usually don’t get far into these games since I don’t want to learn about the cards and I’m not a strategic person to begin with and find it hard to play these game. But as I recently mentioned in my “Playing JRPGs for the first time” Article, I would like to try more of what games has to offer, so I thought I would give Hand of Fate a try.

Upon starting the game you’re sitting on a table with a dealer which gives you your starter deck of card, which contains Equipment, encounter and monster cards. The dealer then takes your deck, shuffle the cards and separate each type, then lay a path of cards down on the table. You control a piece while having your health, food and gold on the bottom left side of the screen, each movement will decrease the amount of your food, and after stepping on the back of the cards on the path, they will flip and unveil whatever that card is.

The game is more of a Rougelike RPG game than a card game. The deck will randomize your path and what you could face from encounters, dungeons, or enemies you fight, and the more you play the more cards you get to customize your deck before starting a new challenge. At the start of each challenge the dealer will add a set of cards for more challenging enemies and encounters. I have played three levels of the game, and I got introduced to curses and blessings at the third level which added to the game.


The game encounters are something like you found a river and you want to cross it, to cross it four cards will appear on the screen, two success cards and two failure cards, the will shuffle and you have to choose a back facing card to see your fate if you success or fail. The battle system when encountering enemies will take you to a different screen where you control the character in a Batman like battle system, where you can counter certain enemies, and use your equipment cards for weapons that are effective against certain enemies, and use your shield card to defend and reflect damage. Each card has stats which I haven’t seen enough of yet.


I wanted to write about the game since I found it something unique that I haven’t played before, it is a good looking game too, and however, I have some issues with the font they used for the writing. If you want to try something new, or if you like what you read about this game give it a try yourself and you might have something to enjoy, it’s currently free with Xbox Games with Gold!


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